Open Dutch Championship – JAARPRIJS


22-09-2023 t/m 24-09-2023

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Welcome to the Open Dutch Championships 2023!

This year's edition will be held at De Braassem. Known to many of you! Great club, great water!
    • Please note that the early bird entry fee of
    • is eligible until September 7th. After that, the price will go up to
      • Please download the NOR here
      • Sailing instructions are here
Please note that you will need to have your KNWV license filled in. It is mandatory.
      • If participating, fill in '1' behind the entry fee.
      • Come join us at the Captain's Diner and bring someone. Please fill in the Captain's Diner tickets you need for Saturday evening.
We hope to see you all at De Braassem upcoming September! On behalf of the Solo Class board, Gilles de Combe