Nations Cup decided in last race now 350 pictures added

By 25 mei 2018juni 5th, 2018Nieuws

On the first day there were great sailing conditions, around 10 knots of wind, quite shifty, and not too hot (but still t-shirt sailing). The girls did really well, with Vanda Jowett winning the first race and Marleen Gaillard the second. Mark Lee took the lead after the first day, with a 5th and a 2nd place. But it’s close at the top, with number 1 through 5 only 3 points apart.

The second day of the Nations Cup offered the competitors a beautiful day with a stronger (12-14 knots)and even more shifty wind than day 1. Apperantly conditions that Salcombe sailors like as they are all in the top. The girls were still doing wellthough as Vanda again took a race win. The top 6 is only 6 points apart so the battle is still open.  For now Paul Ellis is in the lead.

On the third day of the Nations Cup again 3 races with less sun but more wind. In the constantly changing wind direction and speed there was nowhere to hide. In the tightly packed solofleet lots of battles were fought. Tired after the race, all were happy to reach the shore.

In the course of the day Paul Ellis took a second and two firsts,while Geoff Henstridge finished first, third and second. The last day might be a battle between the two of them, having equal points after 8 races. Or will Alister Moley or Roger Tusingham surprise us all and close the gap between the leaders? Difficult, but not impossible. The answer would come on the last day.  

On day 4 champagne conditions with sunshine, a beautiful sea and 15 knots of wind saw Paul Ellis and Geoff Hestridge battle it out in the final day of the Nations Cup. Even the experienced international judge never saw such a close call. In the end it was Paul Ellis who took the win.

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Final results Natons Cup 2010